Fitness Website Design Failures

If you want a new fitness website the first thing you need to undertand is, what is the main purpose of this site?

Is it to;

  1. Capture an email address?
  2. Get their contact information so you can follow up later?
  3. Make a sale for your main product?
  4. Sell a low offer product and upsell them with a higher priced product?

One of the biggest mistkes I see personal trainers make is not having a clear goal on what they want their fitness website to do.

Often times the site is full of clutter trying to sell $5 ebooks and giving people way too much information that just confuses their website.

Another mistake I see gyms and fitness trainers make is what I call ‘me too’ marketing.

What is me too marketing?

We’ll, it’s where the personal trainer just talks about themselves and doesn’t tell their prospect what they can do for them, or how they can help them with thier fitness goals.

When someone comes to your website they have two things in mind…

What can you do for me and why should I choose to do business with you over every other personal trainer out there?

You must answer this questions straight away, as soon as they land on your site… you need to give them the benefits of your prgram and let them know what you can do for them.

Here’s a great video I found on Youtube create by explaining this concept…

I hope you enjoyed this article and remember… make your fitness website about your prospect and not about you… it’s always about them!

Be good 🙂