Information On Interior Decorating and Design

The field of interior decorating is an old one, focused purely on the aesthetics of an interior space and creating an image for that space that is preferred by the space’s owner.

However, it is more art than science and while there are absolutely a wide range of design principles that the field of interior decorating must take into account before making a single suggestion to the space’s owner, ultimately each room taken on by an interior decorator is a singular work of art that reflects is creator as readily as any painting or symphony, and can do wonders to improve a home’s comfort levels.

denby dowlingMost people who can easily afford to prefer to hire interior decorators who have trained in the field. However, not very many people can manage this. Still, many people across the globe have become amateur interior decorators the way there are relatively few professional musicians, but millions of amateur musicians. Like most untrained artists and creators, these self-taught interior decorators may learn from others. When I recently decorated my property I used Interior Decoration Sydney, the results were amazing!

There have been a dizzying number of books about interior décor written since the Victorian age when such things became important and each of them has inspired at least one home decorator. Other people in the modern age turn to blogs or get their inspiration from movies, television shows, comic books, museums or even photographs of homes that are better decorated than theirs. Check out the Interior Decoration Sydney Instagram page, there are some fantastic ideas here.

A few design rules do stick out, however. Lighting is crucial. A room that is well lit up improves the mood of the people living in it, with one notable exception. Fluorescent lights may be efficient and affordable, but they tend to make people living with them depressed and edgy, as has been shown with a wide range of scientific studies.

There should be a variety of colors, whether it’s within a color theme or just a random mish-mash of colors. Finally, there should be room to move and places to rest, as befitting the purpose of a home.

For neophyte interior decorators, the best advice is to imagine oneself as a painter, transforming their room into an image in their heads. This can take a wide range of forms, from a room filled with paintings to a room filled with books.

While one should definitely stay within a reasonable price range, it can also help to get the higher quality interior décor that will last longer, particularly if one has children or animals (or both) living in their homes.

Fitness Website Design Failures

If you want a new fitness website the first thing you need to undertand is, what is the main purpose of this site?

Is it to;

  1. Capture an email address?
  2. Get their contact information so you can follow up later?
  3. Make a sale for your main product?
  4. Sell a low offer product and upsell them with a higher priced product?

One of the biggest mistkes I see personal trainers make is not having a clear goal on what they want their fitness website to do.

Often times the site is full of clutter trying to sell $5 ebooks and giving people way too much information that just confuses their website.

Another mistake I see gyms and fitness trainers make is what I call ‘me too’ marketing.

What is me too marketing?

We’ll, it’s where the personal trainer just talks about themselves and doesn’t tell their prospect what they can do for them, or how they can help them with thier fitness goals.

When someone comes to your website they have two things in mind…

What can you do for me and why should I choose to do business with you over every other personal trainer out there?

You must answer this questions straight away, as soon as they land on your site… you need to give them the benefits of your prgram and let them know what you can do for them.

Here’s a great video I found on Youtube create by explaining this concept…

I hope you enjoyed this article and remember… make your fitness website about your prospect and not about you… it’s always about them!

Be good 🙂